Let yourself go. Dive into the cultural melting pot of Mohandas. An innovative mixture of Ethnic, Brazilian, Latin, African and Electronic music sung in Portuguese, English and other languages. The result? “ETNOPOP”.

ETNOPOP is the style and the name of Mohandas’s first album, crowdfunded by 210 fans and released in 2012. The full album is available for free download on the band’s site: www.mohandas.com.br

With different backgrounds and instruments that come from different parts of the world, Bel Baroni (percusson and vocals), Diogo Jobim (keys and synths), Dudu Lacerda (percussion and vocals), Micael Amarante (guitar, saxophone and vocals), Nana Orlandi (percussion e vocals) e Pedro Rondon (bass) present an original and multi-layered work, that is sure to make you dance. Or better yet, get in touch with your inner drums.

Projections on the stage invite the public to live the band’s music in an immersive experience that constantly adds meaning and new interpretations to the performance. Selected objects with a sample of each musician’s creative world complete the scenery.

The band’s residency couldn’t be more appropriate, Rio de Janeiro’s most democratic territory: the beach.

Since 2011, on selected Sundays of full moon, the band puts up it’s own stage in the best #occupy fashion and plays for free for an ever growing audience of more than one thousand people. The happening, called Mohandas On the Rocks is co-produced by Etnohaus, the music collective the band helped create.

Etnohaus reflects the band’s diversity by joining musicians from all over town in a musical co-working-playing-producing studio that plays a key role in developing the independent music scene in Rio de Janeiro.

Through a partnership up with major fashion brand, FARM, Mohandas On the Rocks has expanded it’s footprint to different towns in Brazil, including Belém do Pará, Recife, Olinda and João Pessoa where the brand played with important local artists such as Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda and singer Felipe Cordeiro. The band arrives in November/2014 to it’s 20th Mohandas On The Rock’s edition aiming to conquer the world!

In 2014, Mohandas has played in important venues in Buenos Aires, such as: El Chaperío, CC Matienzo and El Emergente; as well as local radio shows in FM’s La Tribu and Colmena and hopes to keep taking it’s music to new locations.

With a little more than 3 years of age, the band has done more than 100 shows, played in the best venues of independent music in Rio de Janeiro and oter major Brazilian cities and plans the second album for 2015 – a growing phenomenon that you’ll not want to miss!