Rio-based artist Matheus von Kruger has been making music since he was a young teenager. With a university degrees in Music and Psychology, Matheus has quite a few projects going on in parallel to his solo work – he plays with 3 cousins and their second album is coming out soon, and he is also the main singer for Bangalafumenga and composer for Fogo e Paixao, famous carnival bands from Rio.

Matheus’ third solo album, Vagalume, was recently released and already features amongst the top 10 Brazilian albuns from 2014. Produced by Ale Siqueira (three-time Grammy winner) who brought along with him 4 heavyweight musicians: Tito Oliveira (drums and percussion), Ldson Galter (base guitar), Marcelo Galter (keyboard), Marcelus Leone (saxophone and flute), and special participation of  Gabriel Guedes, from the Orkestra Rumpilezz, the album presents a blend of Brazilian rhythms and percussive elements that create a melodic sense of movement. Most of the songs were written by Matheus, and 3 of the 10 tracks co-written with Fernando Temporão (Vagalume) and Gabriel Pondé (“Hoje Sem Amanhã” e “Quando Você Adora”). The key element of this work is the water and its cleansing power. The writing process of the album was, for the artist, a process of clearing out the old and making way for the new.