Alberto Rosenblit is not only a musician. Alberto Rosenblit is a music painter.

He does not think music the same way most of the people do. He uses to say that when he comes up with a melody he is actually thinking of an image. This connection between music and images in Rosenblit’s mind could have only taken him to one direction: to compose, arrange and orchestrate soundtracks to movies and television.

Alberto is one of the main contributors of Brazil’s major TV network: Rede Globo. In over 30 years working in Globo, he has already lost his count on the number of productions they have realized together. Some of the tunes composed by Rosenblit are standards in Brazilians minds as the theme song of the main Brazilian Late Show, Programa do Jô (hosted by Brazilian comedy legend Jô Soares).

Following a coherent path in his solo career, Alberto Rosenblit has recently released his 3rd album entitled Mata Atlântica (which can be roughly translated by Atlantic Forest). The album is a roundup of Rosenblit’s career and brings to the public a bit of his inspirations on the landscape that surrounds his apartment in Rio de Janeiro: the forest, the ocean and the lagoon.

Since the album release, Alberto has been performing live in many of the main Jazz venues in Rio. This concert is definitely a great opportunity to see an inspired and competent artist in action, surrounded by the Mata Atlântica environment.